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Baxton Studio Sorrento Chair


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Stone & Beam Armchair


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Christopher Knight Home Mervynn Recliner


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JC Home Balbao Kids Recliner


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Bon Vivo Easy III Floor Chair

The peace and relaxation that a good book can bring are only made better with a trusted reading chair.

As you take your mind off your troubles, get engrossed in the pages, and enjoy a peaceful form of relaxation that’s hard to find anywhere else, your favorite reading chair can only make this beloved pastime even better.

A quality reading chair is a staple in many people’s homes and the thought of reading anywhere else is inconceivable.

If you’re someone who loves to read and wants a dedicated space to do it, or perhaps you just want a chair designed for relaxation, there are some wonderful options out there that can fulfill your wishes.

What is the best style of reading chair though?

A reading chair can be just as unique as the person sitting in it, but predominantly, they should be comfortable, supportive, and inviting. A reading chair could be simple or it could have features like ergonomic support or cup handles, and these finishing touches are completely up to the user to decide what they prefer.

If you’re in the market for the best reading chair to enjoy your books in, you’ve come to the right place.

We’ve hand-picked some of the best reading chair options on the market that offer comfort, style, and functionality with a range of unique features, so your favorite pastime can become even more enjoyable.

A reading chair is a quintessential piece of furniture for those who love to read, and once you’ve found your favorite, you’ll never want to sit anywhere else. We’ve hand-selected some of the best chairs around in all shapes, sizes, and styles, so you can find your new beloved reading companion.

Best overall: Baxton Studio Sorrento Chair


Ergonomics: N/A

Size: 17.16 x 20.09 x 20.28”

Comfort: 7/10

Accessories: N/A

Who said a reading chair had to be expensive to be comfortable?

The Baxton Studio Sorrento Chair is both stylish and comfortable, and at a fraction of the price of most reading chairs, thanks to cheaper design features like faux leather and rubberwood legs and frame.

The chair measures 17 inches tall and 20 inches wide, giving you ample room to sit comfortably and sink into whatever book you’re reading.

The best thing about this chair is how stylish it looks for such a low price tag. Made with a dark walnut finish it seems like a piece that might cost thousands, and it has a mid-century modern style that will never be out of fashion.

If you’re shopping on a budget but still want something trendy and comfortable to sit on, it’s by far the best cheap reading chair.

However, some customers didn’t like that the cushion cover couldn’t be removed for cleaning. Although you’re able to remove the cushion from the chair and wipe it down or vacuum, you won’t be able to clean deeper than that.

So, you’ll have to be careful not to eat or drink around it if you want to keep it in good condition. If you have plans on re-upholstering one day or replacing the stuffing, this isn’t the chair for your either, as you’ll need to replace the cushions entirely.

The Baxton Studio Sorrento Chair features rounded armrests with legs that splay outwards and in a beautiful wooden finish with grey cushions, bringing mid-century style into the 21st century.

There are individual button-tufting and piping on the edges of the cushion, giving it an expensive look, and making sure you’re seated on comfort and style while you read. It weighs around 30lbs so you can easily move it to wherever you need, and it takes about 30 minutes of assembly time out of the box.

If you’re someone who likes mid-century furniture but you don’t want to spend thousands on a comfortable seat, the best chair for reading is the Baxton Studio Sorrento Chair. Priced at around $150 on Amazon with free shipping, it’s an absolute bargain, however, there’s no warranty or free returns offered on the purchase.

For the quickest way to update your reading space and give your body a stylish place to rest and read, the Baxton Studio Sorrento Chair is our top pick.

Runner Up: Stone & Beam Armchair

Stone & Beam Armchair

Ergonomics: N/A

Size: 46 x 44 x 37”

Comfort: 9/10

Accessories: N/A

When you want a reading chair that’s going to last and allows you to sink comfortably into oblivion while you read your favorite book, the Stone & Beam Armchair can deliver.

This chair is made with a durable hardwood frame and is overstuffed for your comfort, so the minute you sit in it you’ll never want to get up again. Measuring just over 46 inches wide and 44 inches deep, there’s plenty of room to be in any position you choose, so you can rest and relax as you read.

The comfort factor is by far the most appealing thing about this chair, and perhaps the reason why it costs so much.

With a durable but soft fabric cover and a large, overstuffed cushion enveloping you from all around, you could easily drift off to sleep in this chair and have one of the most comfortable naps you’ve ever had.

There were a few minor negatives worth mentioning, but none that affect the overall comfort of the couch. Firstly, some reviewers were shocked at just how big it was, so make sure you have space before choosing this as your new reading chair.

Secondly, it’s more of a soft, cushy type of surface and not a firm one, so if you like to be upright and supported as you read you may want to choose another style.

The Stone & Bean Armchair is covered with a stain-resistant and moisture repellent fabric, and its cover can be removed for cleaning as needed. The solid hardwood frame is well built and when combined with the softness of the cushions, it gives the best of both worlds.

If you’re not into putting together furniture, you’ll love the fact that it arrives fully assembles, and you have up to 30 days to return it if it’s not exactly what you love, with a free return policy.

This is the best reading chair ever if you prefer a soft comfort you can sink into, and it’s priced at around $700 when you shop on Amazon.

Although expensive, it comes with a three-year warranty and free returns and shipping, so it does make a great investment. For the most comfortable reading chair around and a style that will fit into any household decor, one of our favorites has to be the Stone & Beam Armchair.

Best Reading Chair for Your Back: Christopher Knight Home Mervynn Recliner

Christopher Knight Home Mervynn Mid-Century Modern Fabric Recliner

Ergonomics: Yes

Size: 34.25 x 27.25 x 38.00″

Comfort: 6/10

Accessories: Recliner

Ergonomics are an important feature to look for when choosing furniture, and not just when it comes to office chairs and desks for the workplace.

If you want the best ergonomic reading chair to relax in at home, our favorite is the Mervynn Recliner from Christopher Knight Home. Designed in a mid-century modern style with a tufted back and padded cushion, it’s stylish and simplistic, and it’s made with durable polyester that’s soft to the touch.

According to reviews, the added recliner feature made this chair a standout. Traditionally, reading chairs don’t come with recliners, so having the option to lean back while you enjoy a book was a huge advantage.

The recliner moves slowly and gently and gives you just enough of an angle to get as comfortable as you need, and even if you spend all day reading a book, you’ll always have the perfect position to relax in.

This isn’t the cushiest chair so while it delivers on the ergonomics and can keep you in a healthy position while you read, it’s not exactly snooze-worthy. You won’t feel soft and cushy when you read on your Mervynn Recliner, so don’t expect something that you can sink into.

This is a chair that combines simple comfort with good posture and relief for your spine and legs, so only choose it if you’re after an ergonomic solution predominantly.

There are 11 different colors to choose from including red, tweed, and muted blue, so virtually any setting you want your new chair to fit into, it will. The chair measures 34 x 27 x 38″ so it’s perfect for an adult to use and with extra space for a child.

The legs are made of birch and feature a dark espresso tint to them, giving it a look that seems much more expensive than what it cost.

The Christopher Knight Home Mervynn Recliner is available on Amazon for just over $200 or with the option to purchase a twin set and save further, making it a very budget-friendly piece of furniture.

There’s no official word on warranties of returns from Christopher Knight Home, so you have to make sure this is the one you want before you commit. For a reclining reading chair that offers the best in ergonomic support, though, it’s by far our favorite choice.  

Runner Up: JC Home Balbao Kids Recliner

JC Home Bilbao Kids Recliner


Size: 24 by 27 by 36.5 inches

Comfort: 8/10

Accessories: Cup holder, recliner function

If you have a child who loves to read, you can encourage their love of books with their own reading chair.

The child-sized JC Home Bilbao Kids Recliner is a beautiful way to ensure your child is comfortably supported while they read and it comes in three colors including pink, black, and mocha brown.

Weighing just 20lbs, it’s so simple to move around the house, and it comes fully assembled ready for your child to enjoy.

The best thing about this chair is how a piece of furniture can do so much for a child. Many customers commented that it helped their child feel as though they’re grown up and with their own place to enjoy books, even if they couldn’t read yet.

The simple act of sitting in their very own recliner and looking through picture books made this book worth the cost, and it gave so much more to them than other toys ever could.

Some reviewers commented on the size of the chair and claimed that it was only really suitable for toddlers and small children. If your child is older than five you might choose something larger, as the depth of the seat is just 11 inches, and it might not be comfortable or large enough for them to sit on.

The weight capacity of the chair is 90lbs so it’s designed to hold children much larger, just make sure to do the measurements before choosing this one.

There are loads of cool features on this chair, including a cup holder to store their drinks, and an easy reclining function that will only work when the child is seated. With black plastic feet, it won’t do any damage to your floor and it has a durable upholstery that can be wiped down if there are any spills.

The JC Home Bilbao Kids Recliner has plush padding that makes it comfortable enough to sit in for hours but it’s also ergonomically supportive so you don’t have to worry about your child’s wellbeing.

The JC Home Bilbao Kids Recliner is our favorite pick for a kids’ reading chair and with all the support you could hope for. Priced at around $110 on Amazon and with free shipping to your door, it makes the ideal present for birthdays and holidays if you have a little bookworm in the family.

To ensure your child continues with their love of books, this chair can give them a private place to rest, relax, and read.

Best Budget Reading Chair: Bon Vivo Easy III Floor Chair

bonVIVO Easy III Floor Chair

Ergonomics: N/A

Size: 16.5 x 18.5 x 20.5”

Comfort: 6/10

Accessories: Foldable

When you want to relax somewhere comfortable and supportive with your book but don’t have the need for a recliner or padded sofa, something like the Bon Vivo Easy Floor Chair might be more your style.

This is a padded and portable floor chair that you can use virtually anywhere and it folds and unfolds to make a supportive base for people up to 220lbs in size. This is a unique type of chair that’s not exactly a sofa, but if you want to save money on your reading space, it has everything you need.

The best thing about the Bon Vivo Chair is its versatility when compared to other reading chairs we’ve reviewed.

This chair can be used to read books but also to do yoga, play computer games, travel on the train, or have a discussion in the office with everyone seated comfortably on the floor. The options are limitless and so too are the places you can use it, so it’s ideal for people who like to travel.

While the Bon Vivo Chair is easy to transport and affordable, comfort is not its number one selling point.

Some reviewers mentioned the addition of another layer of padding is helpful to bring it some comfort while others had to add their own cushions or pillows to get the soft support they wanted as they read their books. For the price, it’s to be expected, but if you’re after something cushy, this won’t fill you with joy.

The Bon Vivo chair comes in two colors, blue and beige, and it measures 16.5 inches high when seated and 18.5 inches wide.

Most impressively, the whole thing weighs around 5lbs in total, so you can take it on the plane, train, or in your car, and enjoy reading your books wherever in the world you go. Made with a stain-resistant synthetic fiber it’s easily cleaned and it folds up to virtually nothing when it’s not in use.

If you want to spend as little as possible to get a dedicated reading chair, the Bon Vivo Portable Chair is the way to go. Priced at just over $50 with free shipping when you buy from Amazon, you won’t find anything cheaper.

For the bookworm who wants a reading space that doesn’t have all the bells and whistles, this portable chair from Bon Vivo will tick all of your boxes.

Common Questions About Reading Chairs

A reading chair is a must-have piece of furniture for people who have books or those lucky enough to have a dedicated library or reading area at home.

If you’ve never shopped for a reading chair and have no idea how they differ from your average household chair, you’ve come to the right place, as we have all the answers to some commonly asked questions right here.

How Are Reading Chairs Different From Other Chairs?


There’s no specific style of chair made for reading but rather it depends on the preferences o the person using it.

Traditionally, a reading chair is one that’s comfortable, large, and inviting, but it can range from a standard backyard lounge chair to a deep and soft sofa, so there’s no specific feature that sets it apart. As long as it’s comfortable for the person using it, that’s all that matters.

What Makes A Comfortable Reading Chair?

A comfortable reading chair will depend on the preferences of the user, but as a general rule, they need the right balance of softness and firmness, with some ergonomic support built into its frame and cushioning.

As reading chairs are used for long periods, they need to offer neck, back, and arm support, as well as any other specific features that make them more comfortable for the user. You should always choose a chair that’s designed for your weight and height to ensure absolute comfort.

DIY Reading Chairs

A DIY reading chair could be made by taking an average sofa or reclining chair and adding some features that make it more friendly to the reader.

You could install a cup holder, softer or firmer cushions depending on your preference, an overhead light, and a magazine or book holder where you can keep your books close by. These days, basic reading chairs are affordable enough to purchase, and from there you can make any tweaks you wish.

Do Reading Chairs Come With Lights?

Most reading chairs are simple in their design, but you can find some with additional features, including lights.

A light might be attached to the side of a chair or as attached to an adjustable arm, enabling you to read in darker settings, but they’re not typical design features. To ensure good eye health when you read, you should use a proper overhead light or stay in a well-lit area to avoid eye strain.

Reading in Style and Comfort

The power of a good reading chair is something you can’t realize until you sit in one yourself, and if your home is without out, it’s an investment worth making.

Having your very own space dedicated to your enjoyment of books can make them even better, and when you realize you don’t have to spend a fortune just to get one, it makes even more sense to get one.

Any of our top recommendations will serve you well in your reading nook and they have the power to increase your enjoyment from reading even further.

Whether you’re after something affordable and portable, or the most luxurious setting you can find, we’ve got you covered with our hand-selected favorites, giving you a whole new world to relish in your books from.

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