How To Make A DIY Lazy Susan In 5 Steps

How To Make A DIY Lazy Susan

A DIY lazy susan is a great way to add some organization and functionality to your home. This project is easy enough for anyone to do, and it doesn’t require a lot of materials or time. Actually, most of the materials you need can probably be found around your house.

So, how do you make one?

It’s really quite simple.

But first…

Let’s see what you need for the project!

Materials and Tools

– A circular piece of wood, MDF, plastic, or a cork mat.

– A lazy Susan bearing

– A drill

– Drill bits

– Screws

– Screwdriver

– Super Glue

Now that you have all the materials and the tools, let’s get started!

Step-By-Step Guide On Making A DIY Lazy Susan

Step 1: Attach The Lazy Susan Hardware Onto The Base

Take the bottom side of your lazy Susan bearing and attach it to the center of your base. The base is where you want the lazy susan turntable installed. You will first need a pencil to mark where the four holes will be.

Then, once marked, use a drill to make the hole for the bottom part of the bearing. The size of the drill bits will depend on the size of the hardware you bought. The lazy Susan hardware that you purchase will come with screws, but that will depend on the one you buy and where you buy it.

Step 2: Paint Your Circular Piece of Wood

If you want to, this is the time to paint your circular piece of wood. You can use any color or design you like.

Once the paint has dried, apply a coat or two of sealant to protect it from water and other elements. You don’t want to assume anything when it comes to keeping your DIY lazy susan safe from elements.

Step 3: Spin and Mark

Once the bottom part of the Lazy susan hardware is attached to the base of the table, the next step is to spin the Lazy susan hardware. Ensure that the corner comes in between two corners of the bottom part already attached to the base. Then, using a pencil, mark where you will drill an access hole.

Step 4: Drill The Access Hole

Now it’s time to drill the holes. The access hole should only be large enough to accommodate the screws and the screwdriver – or drill tip if that’s what you are using to tighten the screws. You only need an access hole for all the screws.

Step 5: Install The Screws

Once the access hole is drilled, you are ready to install the screws. You’ll need to lay your lazy susan onto the place you want to attach it to – where you’ve already installed the lazy susan bearing.

Then, spin the table until the access hole aligns with a screw hole on the lazy susan hardware. Install the screw and repeat for all other three remaining screws, spinning the table each time to locate the holes on the lazy susan hardware.

For this step, be careful with the size of the screws you are using. You don’t want them to be too big and go through the top of the table – or too small and not be able to hold the lazy susan turntable in place.

And that’s it! You now have a DIY lazy susan.

If you want to jazz it up a bit more, feel free to add some personal touches like stickers, paint, or designs. Have fun with it!

Why You Should Make Your Own Lazy Susan

There are a few reasons why you should DIY your lazy susan:

– It’s easy to do and doesn’t require any specialized skills.

– You can customize it to your liking.

– It’s a great way to recycle materials you might have lying around the house.

– It’s cheaper than buying a lazy susan from a store.

Where Can You Use A DIY Lazy Susan?

A DIY lazy susan can be used in a lot of places in your home. Here are just a few ideas:

– A breakfast nook – perfect for holding plates, cups, and food items.

– A craft room – to store all your crafting materials and tools.

– A kitchen – to hold spices, oils, and other cooking materials.

– A home office – to store books, files, and other office supplies.

The possibilities are endless! So get creative and have fun with your DIY lazy susan.

How Long Does It Take To Make A DIY Lazy Susan?

It shouldn’t take more than an hour to make your DIY lazy susan. However, if you are painting, you may need to be a little patient for the paint to dry properly. And as we all know, the drying time depends on the humidity and weather conditions.

So, if you want to DIY your lazy susan, go ahead and get started. You’ll have a beautiful, customized piece to add to your home in no time!

How Much Does Making A DIY Lazy Susan Cost?

Making your own lazy susan is definitely cheaper than buying one from a store. The cost of the materials will depend on what you use, but it shouldn’t be more than a few dollars.

Where Do I Buy The Lazy Susan Bearing?

The lazy susan bearing can be bought at most hardware stores. If you don’t have a hardware store near you, you can also buy it online. Online places like Amazon have a wide selection of bearings to choose from.

Should I Buy Round or Square Lazy Susan Bearing?

That’s up to you! Some people prefer round lazy susan bearings, while others prefer square. However, if you choose to go for the circular design, expect to pay a little more than you would for a square one.

In Conclusion

DIY lazy susans are a great way to add some personality and functionality to your home. They are easy to make and don’t require any specialized skills. You can customize them to your liking, and they are a great way to recycle materials you might have lying around the house. So, if you’re looking for a DIY project, try making your own lazy susan. You won’t regret it!

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