Best Garage Storage System: For The Perfectly Ordered Garage







Best Garage Storage System: For The Perfectly Ordered Garage 1


Wall Control Pegboard Organizer


Best Garage Storage System: For The Perfectly Ordered Garage 2

UltraWall Garage Wall Organizer


Best Garage Storage System: For The Perfectly Ordered Garage 3

Inteli-Topia Garage Hooks


Best Garage Storage System: For The Perfectly Ordered Garage 4


Fleximounts Overhead Garage Storage Rack


Best Garage Storage System: For The Perfectly Ordered Garage 5


New Age Products Bold Cabinet

If you felt motivated by the recent craze to declutter your life and get organized, you probably noticed one of the most problematic areas of the home was still left untouched for many of us: our garages.

They are full of useful and useless bits and pieces, all mixed in with each other in no real order, making it impossible to tell the good and the bad apart.

The household garage is prone to disorganization, whether it’s because we don’t spend a lot of our time there or due to the sheer number of odds and ends we keep in there, but whatever the reason, you can probably agree yours is due for an overhaul.

Thankfully, there are garage storage systems designed for this very purpose and they can help you restore order in a place where you never thought it would be possible.

What is a garage storage system and which style is best?

There are many types of storage systems for the garage including wall mounts, pegboards, hooks, and storage cabinets, each offering something unique for your organizational needs.

The best garage storage choice will depend entirely on the size of your space, what you have to organize, and how much of it there is.

To help you get your life and home in order, we’ve reviewed some of the best garage storage ideas out there that can get the job done.

Whether you need a whole lot of help or just a little, we’ve got efficient systems that can do it all, and turn your garage from a place of disorganized dread to a systematized and serene retreat.

Nothing beats the feeling of walking into your garage and seeing everything in its right place, neatly put away and organized.

Unfortunately, this isn’t an experience that most of us get to encounter often. We’ve rounded up the best garage storage systems that can turn that organizational fantasy into a reality, so check out our top contenders in each category to see which one is the perfect fit for your home.

Best Garage Storage Wall Mount: Wall Control Pegboard Organizer

Pegboard Organizer Wall Control

Mounting Type: Wall mount

Size: 9 x 48 x 32”

Ease of Installation: Easy

Weight capacity: N/A

A pegboard is one of the best ways to organize a space, and this is true in the garage as well.

The Wall Control Pegboard Organizer is the best overhead garage storage option we’ve found utilizing this popular design in a heavy-duty wall mounted space that lets you hang just about anything you need in your garage.

Measuring 9 x 8 x 32” and with over 10.5 square feet of room, you’ll be able to fit everything here in an organized way that saves a lot of headaches.

According to customers, the most impressive thing about this pegboard was its quality and ingenuity. As an American brand, Wall Control is serious about quality control and people were thrilled to find how well made everything was.

The board is durable and all of the parts, no matter how small, were wrapped and packaged securely, with everything easy enough to put together in minutes. As it hangs on the wall, you only need a few screws and it’s up and ready to use.

The minor downside with this pegboard from Wall Control is that there’s no limit on weight listed by the manufacturer.

While it tells you that you’ll get over 10 square feet of space to work with and over 10 times stronger than a standard pegboard, there’s no official weight capacity, so you can feel a little uneasy hanging stuff on it.

If you have heavier tools you want to keep organized, adding in another cabinet or shelving might take some of the stress off your mind in this regard.

You can fully customize how you use your Wall Control Pegboard Organizer, with options including just the board itself or with accessories like wall control hooks, additional shelving, and additional brackets.

The board takes ¼ inch pegboard pegs and slotted pegboard pegs so you can design and use it however you like, and with such a generous space the layout is entirely up to you.

The Wall Control Pegboard Organizer is our pick for the best storage system for the garage, and you can get one on Amazon for between $90 for the board alone and up to $110 for one with additional accessories.

There’s no word on warranty but they do offer free shipping and free returns, so if you have any issues when yours arrives, there’s no harm in sending it back. If you want an easy and reliable way to get organized in the garage, this option from Wall Control is it.

Runner Up: UltraWall Garage Wall Organizer

Ultrawall Garage Wall Organizer

Mounting Type: Wall

Size: 16”

Ease of Installation: Easy

Weight capacity: 400lbs

If you’d prefer not to use cabinets and shelves and think your garage contents could fit on a rack, our favorite choice is the UltraWall Garage Wall Organizer.

This wall rack is ideal for holding shovels, brooms, bikes, books, hand tools, and anything else you need it to, with an impressive 400lbs weight capacity.

This heavy-duty wall organizer will get everything off the floor and within easy reach, making it the perfect choice for people with a lot of garage clutter.

The best thing about the UltraWall Garage Wall Organizer is that once it’s up, you don’t need any special handy skills to use it. You simply place the stuff wherever there’s space and avoid having to plan out shelves or cabinets, or figure out where on a board you’re going to hand things.

When you need it, it lifts off easily out of its dedicated space and keeps the clutter-free from the floor and around the garage.

However, because it’s just a rack in a sense, people found it wasn’t suitable for all types of things you might find in a garage that needed safekeeping. Instead, it was better suited to larger objects like brooms and hand tools, so you’ll still probably want another storage system for your smaller bits and pieces. If you’d rather a one-stop solution for your garage organization, this won’t be it.

The UltraWall Garage Wall Organizer is made with powder-coated steel so it won’t chip, rust, or be damaged by water.

It comes with 12 screws and 12 expansion tubs, a 16″ steel rail, six different hooks and styles, and rubber-coated sleeves.

To install is easy enough, with everything you need to be included, and you just need to mount it to the wall and then adjust where you want the hooks and grips depending on what’s going to be hanging there.

This is an exceptionally priced organizer at around $45 for the entire kit and free shipping to your door when you shop on Amazon. UltraWall has a service team on call during business hours if you need assistance, however, there’s no returns or warranty offered on this product.

For an affordable and efficient way to keep your larger items off the garage floor, the UltraWall Garage Wall Organizer is one of our top picks.

Alternative: Inteli-topia Garage Hooks

Inteli-topia Garage Hooks

Mounting Type: Wall

Size: Varied

Ease of Installation: Easy

Weight capacity: 40lbs (largest hook)

Hooks are one of mankind’s most helpful accessories, and when it comes to the garage, there’s a whole lot there that can be organized with them.

Inteli-topia has created their pack of Garage Hooks that let you get your garage in order with hooks of varying sizes to hold different weights, with the largest capable of carrying around 40lbs.

You’ll get five sizes of hooks in each pack and find that most things in the garage fit comfortably on at least one of them.

According to their happy customers, people loved the simplicity of this hook system to organize their garage and just how strong and capable they were.

This is all thanks to the extended plate design that Inteli-topia used for the hooks which means the weight is distributed more evenly. They’re surprisingly strong for a hook and capable of holding up the heaviest items in your garage, like leaf blowers and chainsaws, all without breaking a sweat.

On the downside though, you’re somewhat limited to what you can hold because they are only hooks. Not everything can be held in place and it’ll act more as a supplemental storage system that you’ll probably want to incorporate with something else.

It features an anti-skid PVC coating to help everything stay in place, which can also unfortunately make it hard to get your items off in a hurry. If you’re someone who works quickly and has little patience, this could be a huge annoyance.

The Intel-topia Garage Hooks come with 10 heavy duty hooks in five different sizes, including medium and large square hooks. Intel-topia also includes 22 sets of screws and 22 pieces of wall plugs so there’s enough for installation and then some leftover.

If you ever want to move the hooks or change the setup, you’ll have everything you need to do it quickly and easily. The overall installation was simple, so as long as you know how to screw a hole in the wall, you’ll be able to set up these Garage Hooks.

Priced at around $30 on Amazon for a pack of 10 various sizes, it works out to be a bargain at around $3 per hook. Best of all, Intel-topia offers a one-year limited warranty on their hooks which is previously unheard of when it comes to these types of garage systems.

If you want something sturdy and reliable that you don’t have to second guess in the garage, this is one of our favorites on the market.

Best Overhead Garage Storage: Fleximounts Overhead Garage Storage Rack


Mounting Type: Ceiling mount

Size: 96 x 48 x 22-40”

Ease of Installation: Difficult

Weight capacity: 600lbs

For the best garage storage shelves, why not choose something that goes directly overhead?

The Fleximounts Overhead Garage Storage clears up space on the walls and floor by being mounted to the ceiling with long ceiling brackets, screws, and studs that keep it into place.

You’ll be provided with 105 cubic feet of storage to keep anything you want up there, and you get the option of how much height you need, with adjustments available between 22 and 40 inches.

The most impressive thing about the Fleximounts Overhead Garage Storage was how much weight it could hold, with each one capable of storing up to 600lbs.

The heavy-duty cold-rolled steel construction means it’s stronger than most and reliable enough to hold bigger loads, so if you’ve avoided other storage racks and cabinets because of their weak weight capacity, this will surely make you happy.

The only downside to this garage storage is the installation, and considering how detailed it was, it seemed to put some people off from purchasing.

Although Fleximounts included all of the hardware and screws needed to do the job and an installation template to help you plan, it was still confusing. You’ll need at least two people to hang the storage system when you’re done assembling it and will have to spend a lot of time reading the manual before you get started.

Fleximounts uses an integrated grid design to ensure all of your belongings are stored safe and up high and it’s a more stable way to hold everything in place.

You can choose from either a single or double pack to suit how many items you need to hold and measurements for each is 96 x 48 x 22 to 40 inches, depending on the height you want.

There are both black and white storage systems so you can get one that blends in with your garage and makes your organization even more seamless.

The Fleximounts Overhead Garage Storage Rack is a gamechanger for people who didn’t want to waste valuable floor and wall space keeping their belongings.

Priced at around $180 for the single rack and $340 for the double when you shop on Amazon, they’re a smart investment if you want something reliable and overhead for your garage organization.

Best Garage Storage Cabinets: New Age Products Bold Cabinet


Mounting Type: Standing

Size: 30 x 24 x 16”

Ease of Installation: Easy

Weight capacity: 200lbs per shelf

When a cabinet is the only way you can imagine getting your garage organized, our favorite choice is the New Age Products Bold Base Cabinet.

Measuring 30 x 24 x 16” it’s got enough space for all of your bits and pieces, with a surprisingly big weight capacity of 200lbs in the shelf alone. Made with reliable steel and built to take a beating, it’ll be right at home in your garage and capable of keeping everything in order and organized.

The best thing about these cabinets from New Age Products is how customizable it is to your needs.

The base cabinet has one shelf that can be moved to wherever you need, depending on the size of what’s in there, and you also have the option to change the height with the included leveling legs.

On the downside though, people found the outside of the cabinet to feel flimsy, so although the interior shelves are capable of holding a lot, it might not feel that way from the exterior.

The New Age Products Bold Base Cabinet is made with heavy-duty 24-gauge steel so although it might feel cheap, it’s durable enough to last for many years and hold all of your important belongings safely inside.

The Bold Base Cabinet features easy access cutouts in case you want to run cables through the bottom, is fully lockable with an included key, and comes in two color options of either gray or red.

This is one of the best storage cabinets if you like to keep certain items in your garage safer than others, and you’ll feel peace of mind knowing they’re locked away discretely in this heavy-duty cupboard.

If you’re someone who likes to mix and match their storage systems and want the best garage storage containers to go alongside your hooks and racks, this Bold Base Cabinet by New Age Products is a great choice.

Priced at just under $170 with free shipping and free returns offered by Amazon, there’s nothing to risk by giving it a try and seeing what it can do to keep your garage in order.

The FAQs of Garage Storage Systems

The garage is where we keep some of our most important and useful items in the home, but unfortunately, it’s usually one of the most disorganized spaces.

If you’re looking to restore order in the garage and want to know the basics about setting up your own storage system, check out our answers to some commonly asked questions to give you a push in the right direction.

How To Set Up Overhead Storage In A Garage?


Overhead storage is a great option for people who are low on floor and wall space but to install these systems properly, you need to purchase one designed for this purpose exactly.

Overhead storage might be a rack or container made to handle heavy loads and be fastened onto the ceiling, so you have to follow the instructions precisely to ensure it’s done right.

How To Mount Wall Mounted Garage Storage?

A wall-mounted garage storage system usually comes with all of the hardware required to set it up.

The setup differs from product to product, but usually, it will feature metal hanging strips, metal screws, and metal plates, that screw into the wall. From there, you slide the shelving or cabinets slide onto them so that they’re securely attached to the wall.

Garage Storage Safety Tips


There are a lot of risks in the garage when it comes to storage, so ensuring it’s done right is key to safety.

Never store anything overhead or up high without a dedicated storage system, keep all objects off the floor, put all sharp tools and electronics away and out of reach, and ensure that poisonous and hazardous materials and chemicals are kept in a child-safety locked cabinet.

Maximizing Garage Storage Space

The key to getting the most out of your garage storage space is to utilize the ceiling and walls.

Storage systems can be hung on the wall to keep objects off the floor or even from the ceiling if you don’t have space. This gives you plenty of room to move freely in the garage and adds space up high for storing items.

Restore Order in Your Garage

When you think about the sheer volume of random bits and pieces that we store in the garage, it’s no wonder they can get out of control so easily.

If you’ve never attempted to restore order or get organized in your home’s garage or shed, the thought of doing so can be daunting, but not when you have one of these storage systems to make it easier.

How you set up your garage storage system is completely up to you, and will depend entirely on what you have to store and where you want to keep it.

You could utilize a number of our top picks like the best-rated shelves, hooks, and cabinets, or go with just one for a more streamlined approach.

With our recommendations, you’ll get your garage in order in just one weekend, and you’ll never struggle to try to remember where you left your tools again.

Nothing comes close to the satisfaction of a properly organized garage, so do yourself a favor and make this the next task on your to-do list with our top picks for the best storage systems.

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