12 Bathroom Remodeling Tips: For Every Budget

12 Bathroom Remodeling Tips: For Every Budget

Revamping a bathroom is one of the most expensive renovation projects you can undertake, and for that reason alone, many people steer clear of it.

A complete bathroom overhaul can cost $20,000 at a minimum, using just mid-range materials and workmanship, so, understandably, this is a room many avoid if they’re renovating on a budget.

All hope is not lost though, as there are loads of ideas for sprucing up your bathroom without sending yourself broke. If you can’t afford a complete overhaul but still need to see an improvement, there are jobs you can do on every type of budget that will make a huge difference.

What are some bathroom remodeling ideas for every budget?

You can start small with improvements like a fresh coat of paint or brand new towel racks, costing less than $100, or spend a little more to lay fresh tile or even put in a freestanding tub, spending thousands.

Whatever money you have to work with, there are some great ideas for reinventing the bathroom, and most you can do yourself.

Considering we spend so much time in our beloved bathrooms, we want the atmosphere to be as picturesque as possible.

We’ve come up with 12 of the easiest bathroom remodeling ideas that you can implement in your favorite space to make it look brand new and with tips to suit every budget and price range.

If you’d like to see a graphical breakdown of the bathroom remodeling tips, we got you covered:

Bathroom Remodeling

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Bathroom Remodeling Ideas for Every Budget

There’s no need to spend a fortune just to get a brand new bathroom unless of course, you want to.

These are our top tips for remodeling the bathroom on a budget, whatever that might mean for you. With ideas starting at just $50 and ranging into the thousands, you’ll be able to treat your bathroom to a makeover without breaking the bank.

#1: Flooring Overhaul: $150

Flooring choices are important in any room of the house, but if you’re looking for a cheap way to change the look of your bathroom, this is the space to tackle first.

By ripping up the existing flooring and taking some time to polish up what’s underneath, you’ll breathe new life into the bathroom, and for less than $150.

If there’s concrete underneath, you can grind it back and put a coat of polyurethane over the top, giving it a sleek and modern look that’s incredibly cheap to achieve.

#2: Cabinets and Doorknobs: $200


When the tub and shower in your bathroom are in pretty good condition but it’s still screaming for something new, one of the cheapest ways to transform the space is through the cabinets.

You can update the linen closet, medicine cabinet, or any storage area you have in the bathroom with a quick reface, freshening of paint, and replacing the knobs.

There are thousands of places to score antique or brand new knobs that will make more of a difference than you realize, and can be done yourself in mere minutes.

#3: New Paint: $100


If you’d rather do a renovation yourself and have very little to spend, putting on a new coat of paint can make a world of difference, and it should only take a weekend to tackle.

For around $100, you can get a bathroom friendly paint and all the required supplies to change the color and style of the room.

The bathroom is one place where you can go bold with your choices, so don’t be afraid to make a statement, and make sure you give the old door a coat as well. Just make sure it goes well with at least one other part of the bathroom, preferably the floors, to give a cohesive look.

#4: Shower Power: $2,000


The shower is the most used part of any bathroom and when it’s done right, it’ll steal the scene from the rest of the room. If you have some money to spend and love nothing more than a good shower, you can replace your old one for roughly $2,500.

This includes the costs for the shower, screen, and surrounding tiling, plus labor for the help you’ll need. To go on the cheaper end of the spectrum, a simple upgrade to your showerhead can be done for less than $100 and will transform the look and feel of your daily bathing routine.

#5: Vanity Upgrade: $400


The vanity is the focal point of the bathroom and it’s usually the first things guests notice when they’re in the room. Thankfully, putting a new vanity in is a pretty cheap job and something you can do as a DIY project.

There are loads of options for vanities with different sizes, materials, and styles, so you can completely transform the look of your bathroom by choosing this piece correctly.

A vanity can be freestanding or built into the wall, so you can make it as simple or complex as you want, including updating the mirror that hangs above it.

#6: Modern Lighting: $500


Sometimes all a room needs to give it a makeover is some new light, and if you have $500 to spend you can make a huge difference in your bathroom.

Whether you choose to install some LED lighting around your vanity mirror or hang a statement pendant from the roof, it’s going to be a dramatic makeover for a budget price.

You’ll need to put some money aside for an electrician to install the lighting, as it’s not something you can attempt safely o your own, but it’s a quick job that shouldn’t cost too much in labor.

#7: Update Mixers and Taps: $300


If you’d rather not spend a lot but need to bring your bathroom into the 21st century, replacing the old and dated mixers and taps is key. If you’re particularly handy you won’t need to call in help for this job, so your budget goes entirely on the hardware.

Popular materials include matte black, chrome, and brushed brass, with virtually any style you want available.

Prices range from $50 for a basic mixer and into the hundreds for those who want to splurge on this signature item. If you have money spare, you can update the mixers and taps on your bathtub and shower to match, bringing all of the bathroom’s pieces together.

#8: Freestanding Bath: $2,500


There’s nothing more relaxing than sinking into a warm bath after a long day, and when your bathtub is brand new, sparking, and made of the most premium materials on earth, it’s even better.

If you want to splash some cash and make a transformation in your bathroom that will wow guests, why not invest in a freestanding tub?

These bathtubs are the epitome of class and there are many choices for materials including rare stones and quartz, you can easily spend thousands on this one piece.

#9: Towel Racks: $50


When you’re shopping on the cheaper end of the budget but still want to make a difference, something as simple as new towel racks can be enough.

Whether you update them to a rose gold finish, solid matt black, or spend a little more to have heated towel racks installed, it’s a slight change that won’t go unnoticed, and also won’t break the bank.

Let the towel racks be the first part of your bathroom overhaul and base the rest of its décor on these important features when you can afford it.

#10: Entire Wet Area: $15,000


One of the biggest trends in bathrooms in recent years is turning your bathroom from a separate tub and shower setup to one single room capable of being whatever you choose.

The wet area bathroom is a revolution in bathing and it means that anywhere can get wet, and it’s set up to drain away without a hassle.

To waterproof the entire bathroom and have a tub and shower that you can walk right into, you’re looking at spending around $15,000 for the entire renovation, but it’s an expensive design that will add so much value to your home.

#11: Tiling Transformation: $2,500


When you have a little more money to spend and want to make a dramatic difference to your bathroom, you can lay all new tiles to refresh the entire space.

The cost to remove the old flooring and have tiles laid beneath as well as on the walls surrounding the shower and bathtub can cost around $2,500, and that’s with mid-range materials and waterproofing done first.

The sky is the limit with how much you can spend and the types of tiles you want to use, so go crazy if you can afford it.

#12: Tile Refresh: $500


If the tiles of your bathroom are in good condition but could do with a refresh, you might want to consider the cheaper option of a regrout.

Tile regrouting is where you remove the old and discolored grout from in between the tiles and redo it, giving a much fresher finish that can make the floors look brand new.

A regrout can be done yourself or with professional help, and it’ll usually cost between $10 and $25 per square foot of space you want rejuvenating. 

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Home renovations can be daunting, especially when you see the projected price tag of the improvements you want to make.

If you’re planning some home renovations in your bathroom and want to know more about the costs involved, check out our answers to some beginner FAQs that can help you out.

Can You Remodel a Bathroom for $5,000?

There are ways to cut costs when renovating a bathroom that might make it achievable under $5,000.

By doing some of the preparation work for yourself, including tiling and removing old cabinets, as well as choosing budget-friendly materials, you can easily renovate a smaller sized bathroom for less than $5,000.

How Long Does a Bathroom Renovation Take?

The time it takes to renovate a bathroom depends on its size, existing condition, and planned upgrades. From the initial planning stages to complete execution, you can expect to spend between six weeks and three months for the entire project to be complete.

The construction period alone will be around two weeks which includes tiling, plumbing, and electrical work.

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