5 Unique Interior Design Ideas to Try in 2021

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Trends drive the interior design industry. Contemporary design centers on magazine spreads and social media ads, showing what designers are focusing on for the season. But what if trends aren’t your thing?

Breaking from the trends allows you to create a unique interior and inspiring space that’s truly reflective of your interests. While your ideas may not be timeless in the literal sense, your love for the space will last. 

We’ve rounded up some tips for creating a unique interior in your home, as well as some ideas for achieving your design without the high-end budget. 

Tips to Avoid The Trends

Designing outside of trends can be tricky. However, remember that you only see a narrow window of design inspiration on your social media feeds. There are some steps you can take to make your living space uniquely you. 

Browse Vintage Shops

Unique design starts with unique pieces. To find these pieces, you’ll likely need to stay out of the furniture store showroom. Antique shops can be a great starting point for finding your personal taste. These stores might have antique wood bookcases, bold chandeliers, and interesting objects to add to your home decor. Vintage shops often sell custom-made pieces for a steal. And you’ll be supporting a small business when you buy. 

Find What Inspires You

You can find design inspiration in unexpected places. Watch your favorite movies, browse your grandmother’s coffee table books, and pay attention to clothing you love. A mural on a brick wall, paint colors at the hardware store, and your best friend’s family room can all be sources of design inspiration.  

Break Rules

One sure way to avoid trends is to do the exact opposite. Choose vintage instead of contemporary furniture, splash a room with primary colors, mix metals in your kitchen, and paint a ceiling black. Once you start experimenting and breaking rules, you’ll only want to do so more. 

Ideas for Creating a Unique Interior

Here are some ideas to kickstart your home styling inspiration. 

Wall Murals

Bold wall murals aren’t reserved for outside. If you’re able to paint your walls, consider creating a colorful design in your living room, bedroom, dining room, or hallway. Renting and can’t paint your walls? Try wallpaper instead.

Top Tip: Pull colors from the mural to design the rest of the room.

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SIGNFORD Wall Mural (Amazon)

Floral Birds Wall Mural (Home Depot)

Amethyst Wall Mural (Home Depot)

Secret Garden Trellis Wall Stencil (Amazon)

Dark Color Schemes

Minimalist design trends have favored bright white walls and neutral interiors. However, you can break these rules by creating darker designs. Colors like gray, black, and dark green create a moody and romantic space. Add metallic details and statement wall art to tie the room together.

Top Tip: Use neon signs, mirrors, and gold details to add brightness to the dark space.


Dark Hunter Green Paint (Walmart)

Dark Grey Silk Paint (Walmart)

Adira Black Area Rug (Wayfair)

Jabari Ladder Bookcase (Wayfair)

Eclectic Gallery Walls

Gallery walls are a popular home feature, but they don’t always need to be planned and color-coordinated. Consider hanging a colorful array of art on your home gallery. This can bring extra live into your living room, home office, or even bathroom. 

Top Tip: Mix large and small frames to add depth to the gallery wall.

design it on a budget

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Mixed Patterns

Mixing patterns is one of the best ways to break design rules. Be bold with your choices, pairing pillows, rugs, wallpaper, and window treatments of various colors and shapes. The antithesis of streamlined Scandinavian design trends, this mix of pieces can take your room design to the next level. 

Top Tip: Create harmony by using complimentary colors or a monochrome color scheme in your design.

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Dolby Ornate Nature Wallpaper (Wayfair)

Spacedye Design Woven Area Rug (Target)

Amata Side Chair (Wayfair)

Geometric Colorful Pompom Curtains (Amazon)

Oversized Bookshelves

While not everyone can create a full-scale home library, oversized bookshelves can certainly take over your home. Bibliophiles will revel at large shelving units and repurposed cabinetry, showing off their precious collection of books.  

Top Tip: Fill the shelves with unique objects as well to space out the books.

design it on a budget

Atlantic 60″x37″ Oskar Adjustable Bookcase (Walmart)

Henry 69.68″ x 70.86″ Metal Library Bookcase (Wayfair)

BILLY Bookcase (IKEA)

Remember: Creating unique interiors is all about tapping into your true personal style. What would you be creating if trendy design inspiration wasn’t everywhere? Take some time to become a home interior designer on your own path.

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