Working From Home? Inspiration for a Built-In Kitchen Office

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2020 was the year of the home office–or the makeshift workspace at least. 

Kitchen tables, ottomans, and countertops all played host to laptops and monitors for the first time. However, if you were new to working from home, you likely realized that these work areas simply didn’t cut it. Working in a high-traffic area without enough space can be difficult and distracting. 

But how can you create a workable office space without a room to spare?

Enter the built-in kitchen office. 

With some DIY reconfiguring or simple repurposing, you can create a small home office in your kitchen. We’ve rounded up some tips and design ideas to inspire your new office nook. 

​Tips for Creating The Perfect Kitchen Office 

A kitchen office might not be your go-to idea from a work or interior design perspective. But there are plenty of ways to make it work. Here are some tips to make your kitchen office makeover a success. 

Stick With a Nook

Before you set up shop on your kitchen island, think about your focus needs. Your family likely passes in and out of the kitchen all day, and this can be distracting. Designing your kitchen office in a corner or facing a wall will help minimize distractions. You can also associate that wall with focus, which will up your work-from-home game significantly. 

Keep Storage in Mind

Your kitchen office will likely be small, making it tricky to organize your office supplies. Try to think of your office area as a typical desk. Add shelving, drawers, and desk organizers to keep your items in order. Upper and lower cabinetry may be helpful as well. You can also decorate the shelves to match your kitchen decor, so the office can be a seamless part of the space.

Make It Your Own

Even though your new office nook is in the kitchen, you can still make it feel like your personal work space. Use items like chalkboards, corkboards, prints, frames, and other knick knacks to add personality to your desk area. Home office design elements like plants, a desk lamp, and decorative file folders can also enhance the space. 

Choose The Right Chair

The perfect office chair is a matter of personal preference, but choosing the right chair can make your desk space much more comfortable. Some people will choose a classic office chair, while others will opt for a kitchen stool. You may also choose to repurpose a kitchen chair that you have on hand or drag one over from the table. Trendy, practical, or vintage–it’s totally up to you.

Kitchen Office Ideas for Working From Home

Your home office is the command center for your work day. And with some creativity, your kitchen can be the perfect space for your productive zone. Here are some ideas for a built-in kitchen office. 

This simple kitchen desk features a marble surface, gray backsplash, and upper cabinets. Small shelving nooks and a rustic chair give the space more of an office feel. And while this particular  work space is built in, you could also achieve this look by pushing a standalone desk into a corner. 

Top Tip: Consider lighting when choosing a location for your kitchen office. Natural light can be great for focus. 

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Raymour & Flanigan Bay City Dining Chair

Grey Glossy Ceramic Tile

Frits Wall Cabinets

Just need enough space for your computer? This kitchen office nook might be perfect for you. The work surface is counter height with built-in shelving above it. These homeowners did a simple remodel to create a work area without braking the flow of the kitchen design. 

Top Tip: Know how much space you need to get your work done. Using as little space as possible can leave more space for the rest of your kitchen. 

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Dery Swivel Bar & Counter Stool

Evonne Solid Wood Floating Shelves

This is an example of a larger kitchen desk that doesn’t take up counter space. You might create a design like this if you have a spacious kitchen, particularly one with an island. This desk features several shelves, drawers, and upper cabinets to maximize storage space. If you have a bit more wall space to work with, you could even create a nook for two people. 

Top Tip: Use vertical space for shelving and cabinetry to optimize storage over your desk. 

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Lynn Arrowback Solid Wood Dining Chair

Frits Drawer Base Cabinet

A dream kitchen office for the stylish minimalist, the sleek space features white cabinets, a glass desktop, and wooden shelving. The white panel wall makes the nook look spacious, and the shelves are carefully decorated. 

Top Tip: Set your workspace apart from the rest of the kitchen by switching up the surface material. Wood and glass are both great options. 

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Gelinas 2 Piece Metal Bracket Shelf

Laureen Upholstered Side Chair

Puck Contemporary Table Lamp

Colorful and compact, this family-friendly workspace is perfect for busy parents. The simple peninsula-style countertop, kitchen stool, and triple drawers come together for a no-fuss desk area. You might use this area as a personal workspace or work area for everyone. The corkboard is a bonus to keep track of important phone numbers, your family 

Top Tip: Match your kitchen workspace to your lifestyle, but keep it versatile enough to grow with your family. 

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Cork Canvas Frameless Bulletin Board

PAG Hanging File Organizer

Amisco Ryan Counter Stool

Whether you just need a small desk to fit your laptop or a full workspace, your kitchen can be the perfect place for it. Kitchen cabinets can hold file drawers and a simple backsplash can become a distraction-free view. And remember you can create an office nook in your living room, dining room, or even bedroom. All you need is a slight change in perspective.

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