Kitchen Flooring Tile Designs to Inspire Your Next Renovation

kitchen flooring tile designs

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Upgrading your kitchen? Creating a stylish space often starts with updating one feature piece–and your kitchen floor can be a great focal point. While there are many options for kitchen flooring, floor tile is a versatile and maintenance option. 

As a flooring option, tile provides endless design opportunities. But it can be tricky to know where to start. This is why we’re giving you a breakdown of all things tile, including a roundup of our favorite kitchen flooring tile designs to inspire your next home transformation.

Types of Kitchen Tiles

When choosing floor tile for your kitchen, it’s important to learn about your options. Different tile types will vary in durability, maintenance needs, color, and texture. Whether you’re shopping online or at a hardware store, you’re likely to come across a few main types of tile: stone, porcelain, and ceramic.  

Stone Tile

Stone tile is a stunning option for your kitchen. Typically made of materials like limestone, granite, and slate, these types give any space a natural look. However, there are some maintenance tips you should keep in mind if you opt for stone kitchen tiling. While stone is one of the most durable materials, you will need to refinish it every dew years. Stone can also be slippery, so keep that in mind if you have kids or older family members in your home. 

Porcelain Tile

If durability is your main priority, consider porcelain for your tiling project. Porcelain is typically made with a mixture of clay and sand fused with high pressure and heat, which results in a hard and waterproof material. This material can hold up well to foot traffic, scratches, and spills. Just keep in mind that the installation process can be a bit intensive, so you might need to hire a professional for this one. 

Ceramic Tile 

Ceramic and porcelain tiles look similar, but they have some different properties. Ceramic tiles are made of clay and are softer than porcelain. However, a glazing process makes the flooring hard and durable. If you’re going to try a DIY installation for one of these tile types, ceramic is a solid bet. Be sure to ask the manufacturer about cleaning, since ceramic tiles can be prone to buildup when using some cleaning agents.

How to Choose Kitchen Tiles

Swapping your hardwood flooring for kitchen tiles? Here are some tips to choose the right color and material for your style and needs. 

Think Longterm

Kitchen flooring tile is an investment. You want the material to last, but you also want the appeal to last. This is why it’s often wise to choose a tile design that can adapt to interior design changes. Black and white, gray, and other neutral colors look great with a variety of cabinetry, countertops, and backsplashes.

Keep Foot Your Lifestyle in Mind

Your kitchen design choices should work with your lifestyle. If you have a family or pets, or even just spend a lot of time in the kitchen, a durable and easy-to-clean material like porcelain can work well. It’s also important to prevent slips, so tiles with a bit of texture can also be a great idea. 

Coordinate With The Backsplash 

The kitchen backsplash is often the centerpiece of the room, especially if you’ve chosen a bold color or mosaic pattern. It may also be neutral and elegant, which is the case with white subway tiles. Keep your kitchen backsplash design in mind when choosing your tiles. Make sure the colors don’t clash, but also ensure that the colors and shapes don’t match too closely. The two tiled areas should balance each other. 

Dare to Be Bold

As with other forms of interior design, kitchen design has plenty of space for creativity. So, feel free to take risks. Choosing hexagon tiles over square, adding patterns, or warming a space with terracotta tile are just some of the ways you can be bold in your design choices. Adding your personality into any style kitchen will help you create a space that feels like home. 

Kitchen Tile Flooring Designs for Every Home

Looking for inspiration? Here are some elegant kitchen flooring tile designs that stand out. 

These elegant hexagon tiles make the floor the design focal point in this minimalist space. The varying shades of gray tiles compliment the white cabinets, gray countertops, and dark wood island for a cohesive look. 

Top Tip: If you’re going for a neutral and airy color scheme, use shape to add interest and style. 

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Cacrrara T Honed Hexagon Marble Mosaics

Calacatta T Honed Hexagon Marble Mosaics

Bardiglio Gray Hexagon Porcelain Mosaics

Earthy and rustic, this natural stone flooring adds warmth to the kitchen. The large tile slabs pull the style of the room together, which features natural wood countertops, dark cabinetry, green accents, and various textures. Overall, the space looks worn and cozy in the best way. 

Top Tip: Large format tile reduces the number of grout lines and make a space look larger.

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Noce Honed & Filled Travertine Tile

Noce Antiqued Travertine Tiles

These herringbone tiles show a creative way to add texture to a space while sticking with a sleek white look. The blue cabinets are the focal point of the room, and every other surface emphasizes the abundance of natural light. The floor is no exception, but the design of the tiles creates depth. 

Top Tip: Pattern is another way to add depth when sticking to a neutral color scheme. 

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Blanc Glossy Herringbone Ceramic Mosaics

Blanco Marjinal Polished Herringbone Porcelain Mosaics

This delicate tile design transports you to your favorite story book. Using two patterns, this white and gray flooring pairs well with the light blue cabinets and white granite countertops. The design pulls together vintage touches in this modern kitchen for a captivating look. 

Pro Tip: Vintage-inspired designs pair well with contemporary and farmhouse style. It’s all about what other features you pair it with. 

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White Gray Marble Mosaic Tile

SomerTile Victorian Hex Matte White

Norway Blue Flower Porcelain Tile

Another space that pairs the old with the new, this kitchen has a victorian flooring pattern that’s both elegant and eye catching. The olive cabinet sets the color scheme, and the flooring tiles pair perfectly with the pearly backsplash. Metallic accents and natural wood balance out this soothing space. 

Top Tip: Victorian tile designs typically include some sort of pattern, ranging from simple geometric shapes and white tiles to intricate mosaic tiles. These tile options are a great way to add personality to your kitchen. 

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Square With Diamond Mosaic Tile

Black & White Porcelain Mosaic Tile

Halibon with Dot Porcelain Mosaic Tile

If you’re ready to swap our your linoleum or wood flooring for elegant tiles, be sure to take your time with the design. The right texture, finish, and pattern will be the finishing touch on your kitchen design. And with the right selections, your design can last for years to come.

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