How To Transform Your Garage To Man Cave

How To Transform Your Garage To Man Cave

Although times have changed and we’re no longer Neanderthals living in caves, that doesn’t mean we would give up the opportunity for a bit of serenity if it presented itself to us.

The man cave has become the modern way to get the security, privacy, and comfort that these prehistoric caves offered, and all you need to make one of your own is a garage.

The modern man cave has seen a surge in popularity in recent years as men look for a way to reclaim some of their freedom and carve out a space that’s just for them at home.

Man caves can be filled with just about anything your heart desires, and you can even let women in if you so choose, but how do you make one for yourself?

How do you transform your garage into a man cave?

Turning your garage into a man cave requires very little, as it’s already built for weatherproofing and has a power supply, with some even being insulated.

All you need to do is plan out the room and what you want to have in it, then make it more comfortable and inviting with the right choice of furniture and accessories.

If you’ve always dreamed of having a man cave to retreat to, now is your time, and thanks to our expert help we’ll show you how it’s done. We’ve got all of the tips you need to turn your regular home garage into a man’s oasis, and there’s very little you need to make it a reality.

What is a Man Cave?

The term ‘man cave’ came about in the early 90s, but saw a huge peak in popularity in the last decade, as men increasingly looked for ways to seek some solitude.

A range of factors from stressful jobs that saw people working longer hours, larger families, and homes that were now able to afford some extra space, all worked together to provide the perfect opportunity for the men of the house to get some solitude.

So, what is a man cave exactly?

The term man cave is a loose one and can be used to describe any part of the house reserved for men to enjoy some solitude. Sometimes called a mantuary, manspace, or even manland, they serve as a retreat from their everyday lives in a place they can call their own.

Within the man cave is anything the male desires to make it more comfortable or entertaining. You could have video games and a large screen TV, a diverse library of books and a comfortable recliner, a full bar and mini-fridge set up for entertaining, or anything that takes your fancy.

These fully-equipped spaces are found wherever there’s room in the house, or outside of it.

You might have a man cave in the home’s spare bedroom, outside in a treehouse, or most commonly, the garage, provided there’s enough room for them to deck it out as they choose and get some privacy from the rest of the house.

Why the Garage is the Perfect Man Cave

Why The Garage Is The Perfect Man Cave

The dream of having your very own cave is something that the cavemen of the past probably hoped for, but with a serious lack of cave real estate, they were stuck sharing with the rest of the family.

Today, the modern American home has an already established garage just waiting to be turned into a man’s oasis, and it’s the easiest way to get the solitude you’ve been screaming for.

When we look at the average garage in the average American household, it’s full of everything you could hope for in a man cave base.

There’s lots of spare room, you have access to running water and electricity, it’s weatherproofed, has easy access for your friends to visit, and it’s a place where the rest of the family would rather not enter.

Better still, the garage is a clean slate and usually, somewhere that’s been untouched by the interior design inside the home. You have a blank page to work with so the entire planning process and beautification are up to you, making the satisfaction of building and having your very own man cave all the more spectacular.

Converting the Garage to a Man Cave

Converting The Garage To A Man Cave

Before you can get to the fun part of enjoying your new sanctuary, there’s a bit of planning to be done first. The garage is the perfect place to set up manland in your home, but you have to check off each of these steps to get it ready for the finishing touches.

Clear out the garage

If you’re like most people, your garage is a mess full of random bits and pieces, tools that are never used, and old Christmas decorations from a decade ago. The first step is to clear all out and get it organized so that there’s enough room for your new oasis.

Prepare the floors

A garage floor is usually made of concrete and if you live somewhere that gets cold, you’ll want to insulate it. This can involve adding a subfloor and installing insulation below your final floor covering or using some smartly laid rugs to help keep it warm.

Prepare the walls

Most attached garages already have insulation if they’re part of the house, but if not, this will be important to add. You’ll have to choose a color scheme for the paint and get that job done before you can start putting in furniture.

Finish the ceiling

The ceiling may need to be covered with a layer of drywall to finish it, otherwise a fresh coat of paint if it’s already done. Map out where you might need electricity for lighting, fans, and other devices, and have these installed by a licensed electrician.

Designing Your Garage Man Cave

Designing Your Garage Man Cave

With the bones of the man cave complete, you can now get down to the serious business.

The best part of having a man cave is designing what’s inside it, and how you’ll lay it out to make the most of your space. Check out these tips to make sure you get everything you want in your mantuary:

  • Amenities: This includes the items that might not be so fun to use, but add some practicality to your cave. Think toilets, sinks, and doorways that make it possible to use your man cave with ease.
  • Appliances: At the very least, you should have a mini-fridge for refreshments, and a large TV for watching sports, movies, or playing video games. From there, you can go wild with other things like a massage chair, microwave, and space heater.
  • Recreation: It’s up to you to decide how people will have fun in your man cave, with choices like a pinball machine, air hockey table, ping pong table, pool table, dartboard, and poker table some of the most popular suggestions.
  • Furniture: You’ll want somewhere comfortable to sit in your man cave and room for your friends as well. Other helpful furniture pieces include a coffee table or dining table, spare seating, shelving, and a benchtop for preparing food.

Related Questions

Converting your garage into a man cave is a dream for many and a surprisingly easy project to tackle if you have the time.

Whether you’re lucky enough to have a garage that’s insulated and ready to go, or need to spend some effort getting it prepared, the outcome will be worth it. We’ve answered some FAQs about man caves to give you some background on what they’re all about.

How Big Should a Man Cave Be?

A designated area for a man cave needs to have enough space to fit the furniture and recreational activities inside, as well as room for people to move around it.

As a guide, measure the focal point of your man cave, like a card table or sofa, and make sure there’s adequate space either side of it to ensure everyone will fit comfortably.

How Much Does a Man Cave Cost?

The final cost of a man cave will depend on the existing setup of the space where it’s going to be built.

If yours will be in the garage and it already has electricity, insulation, and water supply, you can build one for around $5,000 to cover the furniture and accessories. However, those that need work to bring them to this standard can cost upwards of $10,000.

What’s a Female Man Cave Called?

The female equivalent of a man cave has been called a ‘She-Shed’ and they’re made by transforming the garden shed into a fun retreat.

Based on the similar principle of a man cave, these are areas designed for women to inhabit and can be decorated and accessorized with things like sofas, TVs, bars, massage chairs, and recreational activities.

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