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Keonjinn LED Mirror


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Hamilton Hills Metal Wall Mirror


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Luca Carson Bathroom Vanity Set


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Tangkula Bathroom Cabinet


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Globe Electric Five Piece Set

When it comes to bathrooms, the vanity is one of the most important design features of the room.

Not only can they transform the entire look and feel of it, but they add a lot of practicality when done the right way.

Choosing a brand new vanity is an easy fix to a dated bathroom and a quick way to give it an upgrade without having to spend a fortune.

Finding the best bathroom vanities is a task though, with so many styles, materials, and configurations to consider, you have to be sure that it’s going to be the perfect fit for your home.

What are the best bathroom vanities and what should you be looking for?

Ultimately, a bathroom vanity has to be the right dimensions to fit in the bathroom correctly, but any other features like color and style can be completely up to you. Whether you want to make it a centerpiece of the room or a quick way to improve it, there are countless styles to choose from.

With our help, you’ll be able to pick the best vanity to suit your home and design goals, as well as other accessories to make your bathroom a standout.

With our choices of the best quality bathroom vanities and affordably cheap bathroom vanities under $200, there’s something for every budget and specification.

As such an important design feature of the bathroom, it’s crucial to get your bathroom right, and with the perfect style, it can make a massive impact on the look and feel of your home.

Bathroom vanities come in all shapes and sizes, so to help you make your way through the crowd, we’ve highlighted the best-designed bathroom vanities in every style.

Whether you want new lighting, need somewhere better to apply your makeup, or just want a much-needed bathroom makeover, we’ve got recommendations that will fulfill all of your bathroom wishes.

Best Bathroom Vanity Mirror: Keonjinn LED Mirror


Type: LED Mirror

Size: 24 x 32”

Mounting: Wall mount

A bathroom vanity mirror is just as important as the sink and countertop, and if you want something modern, functional, and stylish, the Keonjinn LED Bathroom Mirror is our favorite.

With an impressive border of LED lighting that surrounds the mirror and three sizes to choose from, you’ll get the perfect fit and give an instant upgrade to your bathroom.

This dimmable LED mirror fits right in with any décor and designs your home has, and with the option to turn the lights on, off, or dim them, you can customize it to how you’re feeling that day.

What customers loved most about the Keonjinn Mirror was all of the extra features that it had compared to traditional bathroom mirrors.

Whether it’s the anti-fog device that lets you see yourself clearly no matter how much steam is in the room and it’s completely waterproof and with a moisture-proof backing. It’s so much more than a bathroom vanity mirror and with many features in place that will ensure it lasts a lifetime.

The only disappointment for customers was the LED lighting built-in, as some found it wasn’t bright enough if they needed to get up close and use the mirror for more specific details.

Although there are three settings available from normal to bright, even at its most powerful, people found they had to use additional lighting if they wanted to do their makeup or something that required better visibility.

The Keonjinn LED Mirror is one of the longest-lasting on the market, thanks to the energy-saving power of its lights. The LED lights on its border will last for 50,000 hours, which means you’ll get 45 years of use out of them even if you have them on for three hours a day.

The packaging of the mirror ensures it’s protected in transit and it’s been stress tested to ensure that it can withstand high pressure and impacts. 

If you’re after a quick way to upgrade your bathroom, the modern Keonjinn LED Mirror is the way to go. With sizes ranging from 24 x 32” up to 48 x 32” and priced between $220 and $450 with free shipping on Amazon, it’s an affordable renovation project that can make a huge difference.

Keonjinn offers a one-year limited warranty but a 50,000-hour guarantee on their LED, so this is an investment you can feel safe making for your home.

Runner Up: Hamilton Hills Metal Wall Mirror

Hamilton Hills Metal Wall Mirror

Type: Wall mirror

Size: 22 x 30”

Mounting: Wall Mount

For a touch of sophistication at an affordable price, the Hamilton Hills Contemporary Brushed Metal Wall Mirror can bring it to your bathroom.

This 22 x 30” mirror is a floating design with rounded corners and a rectangular shape, so it looks right at home no matter the décor you have.

Although it doesn’t come with any special features, it’s a classic but modern design made with the best materials and craftsmanship, and it can give an instant boost to your bathroom’s appeal.

The best thing about this mirror is the look, and everything from the framed edges to the bronzed brush metal screams sophistication.

Because it’s such an affordable piece, you can easily update an older looking bathroom with the installation of this mirror, and it’ll do just as nicely with any future upgrades you give to your vanity.

The mirror itself is 2 inches deep beneath the frame which adds a nice touch and you have the option for the type of border you want.

However, people came across issues when they purchased more than one mirror and found that the mounting hardware was located on the back in different positions. While this won’t matter if you have only one, it can make it harder to get a balanced look if you’re using more.

The different positions didn’t seem to affect the quality of the mirror but more created an uneven look so you might want to consider using your own hardware and screws to install it.

This style works with contemporary bathroom vanities or your existing setup, and it has a brushed bronze metal frame that works with most other materials and styles.

It’s easily mounted on the wall and uses reinforced D-ring hanging clips and included hardware and screws so you can put up wherever you like and feel secure in the knowledge that it’s going to stay there.

Hamilton Hills has a 100% money-back guarantee on this mirror so if you don’t love it, you can return it for a full refund. With free shipping and a product from a family that’s’ been making mirrors for three generations, you can be guaranteed that it’s the best of quality.

Priced at around $190 for the 22 x 30” frame when you purchase it through Amazon, this is the easiest way to give your bathroom a makeover.

Best Bathroom Vanity With Sink: Luca Carson Bathroom Vanity Set


Type: Vanity set

Size: 24 x 17.5 x 34”

Mounting: Freestanding

For a complete bathroom vanity set that’s modern with a classical touch, the Carson Bathroom Vanity Set from Luca is one of the most stylish around.

The vanity comes in three color options of French gray, midnight blue, and pure white, so you can match it to the bathroom of your dreams. Best of all, there’s no assembly required so all you have to do is attach the drain and have a plumber hook it up, and it’s ready to go.

If you like unique bathroom vanities, this is one of the better choices, and although it’s contemporary enough to fit in with most decors, it’ll also become the focal point of your bathroom.

The solid hardwood used to construct it is a standout and customers were thrilled at how well made the entire set was. The weight of the entire setup is 64lbs so although it’s good quality, you can easily carry it to the bathroom by yourself, fully assembled.

Although it’s a great deal with the cabinet, countertop sink, and hardware included, you will need to purchase a faucet and have it attached to the plumbing.

Some extra work is required here to match the satin brass but once you have a uniform look with all of the parts made of the same material, you’ll find it was worth the extra effort.

Measuring 24 inches wide, 17.5 inches deep and 34 inches tall, it’s got just enough space for your morning routine without overcrowding.

The cabinet features two soft-closing cabinets that allow you to adjust the hinges if needed, finished off with stylish satin brass hardware to complete the classical look.

The countertop features porcelain and has a sink with overflow design, and even the semi-gloss finish on the cabinet has been covered with a protective water-resistant seal.

If you want to know who makes the best bathrooms vanities that are complete and ready to go, Luca has so much more to offer.

You can get your hands on the 24-inch Carson Bathroom Vanity Set to add instant appeal to your dated bathroom and get a look that’s a little different from everyone else.

For less than $300 when you shop on Amazon and with a one year warranty on manufacturer defects, it’s the easiest way to bring your bathroom stylishly up to date without breaking the bank.

Best Bathroom Vanity Cabinet: Tangkula Bathroom Cabinet

Tangkula Bathroom Cabinet,

Type: Cabinet

Size: 19 x 6.5 x 23”

Mounting: Freestanding

If you’re not in the market for a total bathroom makeover but want to add more organization and contemporary style, the Tangkula Bathroom Cabinet is a smart choice.

This slimline cabinet fits in with your existing vanity to give you more room for shampoos, creams, tissues, and towels, so you can utilize the rest of the space in your bathroom.

What customers liked about this cabinet was how deceptively helpful it was. Measuring 19 x 6.5 x 23 inches, you might assume there’s not much to it, but thanks to its unique layout it’s capable of improving your storage efficiency and getting rid of the clutter that takes up so much space.

If you’ve been looking for a way to get organized but improve the look of your bathroom as well, it’s the easiest purchase you can make.

On the negative side, it took some time to assemble, and people mentioned that there were seemingly millions of parts to put together. Make sure you set aside at least an hour to organize all of the parts and figure out where they go, and be prepared to get a little frustrated.

For something so cheap though, this seems to be how they save you money, so if you don’t mind a bit of hard work it’s definitely worth it.

The Tangkula Bathroom Cabinet is made of sturdy wood materials and is solid enough to hold all of your bathroom essentials.

With a simple white design, it fits in well with just about any décor and because it’s so slender you’ll hardly notice it until you need to grab something from inside.

There are loads of cabinets and compartments inside with easy to open and close drawers and doors, so it’s clearly been made with efficiency in mind.

If your bathroom is in desperate need of organization and your current vanity needs a little help, the Tangkula Bathroom Cabinet is the way to achieve it. Priced at around $60 on Amazon for the complete package, it’s great value for money considering everything it can do for you.

There’s no mention of a warranty or returns policy, so you’ll have to take the other customer’s words for it that the Tangkula Cabinet is exceptionally priced for just how much style and simplicity it offers.

Best Bathroom Vanity Lighting: Globe Electric Five Piece Set


Type: Light and accessories

Size: 23.4”

Mounting: Wall mount

Finding the best lighting for bathroom vanity is just as important as the vanity itself, and in this category, our top pick is the Globe Electric Five Piece Set.

This all in one kit features a 3-light vanity fixture, toilet paper holder, robe hook, towel bar, and towel ring. Created in a vintage industrial style, it’s a quick way to modernize your bathroom without having to spend too much money on renovations.

According to customers, this is the ideal type of light to have in your bathroom vanity. It provides a good amount of illumination for people who do skincare routines or put on their makeup in the bathroom but it also has a warm, vintage industrial look that adds a cool factor to your home.

Although it’s located in the bathroom, you can guarantee guests will comment on the brand new installation.

The best part about this set was the lights, with customers commenting that the other parts that were included didn’t seem to be up to the same standard.

Some wanted to know where they could get additional towel rails and there was no option to do so, and others found the metal to feel a little flimsy and as if it wouldn’t stand up to too much use.

If you’re after the best bathroom vanity lighting specifically, it’s better to buy it just for that and decide later whether or not you want to use the rest.

Other options for this Globe Electric Fix Piece Set include clear glass and watered glass on the lights, so you can choose one that suits your home perfectly. The towel ring and other accessories are all standard sizes but only come with one of each.

The 3-light vanity fixture requires an E26 medium base 60W bulb which you’ll have to purchase separately, so it does add an extra cost to the package. You’ll get everything you need to mount each part on the wall including hardware and screws, and installation couldn’t be more straightforward.

If you want to add some unique design features and lighting to your existing vanity, the Globe Electric Five Piece Set can deliver. Priced at around $100 for the complete set with free shipping and free returns thanks to Amazon, it’s an affordable way to bring your home into the 21st century.

This top pick for vanity lighting will not only keep you well-lit but add some much-needed style to your bathroom, so it’s functional and beautiful.

The FAQs of Bathroom Vanities

The bathroom vanity has long been a staple in this important room of the house, but not many people realize that it’s also the easiest and cheapest way to give your bathroom a makeover.

The vanity is often considered the central point of the bathroom and if you feel yours could do with sprucing up or updating, check out our expert answers to some commonly asked questions about them.

How To Install Bathroom Vanities?

The method of installation for a bathroom vanity will depend on the type of vanity, with some designed to be standalone and others fitted to the wall.

Both options require plumbing connections once they’ve been installed, which should only be performed by a licensed professional, and these parts don’t usually come with vanity packages.

Where Should Bathroom Vanity Lights Be Placed?

For the best illumination in the bathroom, a vanity light should be placed either directly above the mirror or with a strip or set of lights on either side of it, or a combination of both.

When it’s above the mirror it gives the best lighting for someone to look in the mirror, and when placed on the side it’s better for optimal sink lighting.

Usual Sizes Of Bathroom Vanities

When shopping for a new vanity, you’ll notice they usually come in standard sizes that correlate with the spaces in most bathrooms. The most common bathroom vanity sizes are 24, 30, 36, 48, 60, and 72 inches in width, with options for either a single or double sink setup.

If you have a unique space that doesn’t fit any of these sizes, you can have a vanity custom made to suit your bathroom, although this is more expensive.

Can You Build Or DIY Your Bathroom Vanities?

If you’re particularly skilled in cabinet making, you might be able to build a bathroom vanity, but it would need further assistance from a plumber or similar professional to have the water connection set up.

Entry-level vanities can be purchase for cheap these days, so unless you have the skills, it’s recommended to buy one that’s been made correctly.

A Better Vanity for a Better Bathroom

Bathroom renovations can be expensive, and when you add up all of the costs like floors, fittings, and hardware, it’s usually a project that’s out of reach for most of us.

This is where a simple purchase of a bathroom vanity can be so helpful, as it’s a cheap and easy way to spruce up this space by only spending a few hundred dollars.

Whether you want a total vanity redo or just need to add some modern lighting or finishing’s, there are so many great options out there to choose from.

With any of our recommendations, you’ll quickly and affordably turn your bathroom into an area of sanctuary that you enjoy being in, and somewhere you’re proud to show off.

The vanity is the main focus of our bathrooms and it’s where guests wash their hands, people come to freshen up, or where you perform your daily skincare routine in the morning, so the atmosphere is key.

A quick update with any of the standout pieces we’ve found will add a modern touch of style and sophistication to your bathroom, and in a way, you can do it for yourself.

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