What Are The Best Area Rugs for Dark Wood Floors?

area rugs for dark wood floors

Dark hardwood floors are timeless and elegant. They add depth to any room and contrast well with most paint colors. 

But if you have dark wood floors in your home, you may be struggling with area rug choices. Light wood is often more common when it comes to design inspiration, so it can be tricky to visualize the rug color on your own living room floor. 

Fortunately, pairing the perfect rug with your flooring doesn’t need to be difficult. We’ve rounded up some tips to find a match, as well as some of our favorite area rugs for dark wood floors. 

How to Pair an Area Rug With Your Dark Floors

When putting together a room design that features dark wood floors, there are plenty of ways to get it right. And while an are rug is only one part of the interior design, it’s also an important part. Here are some tips to find an area rug that pairs well with dark wood and your personal aesthetic. 

Go Light

You can’t go wrong with a light color rug. White, cream, light gray, and even muted colors will pop against the dark brown background. A lighter rug can also make the room look larger and balance out the design. So, when in doubt, contrast is always a good idea. 

Embrace Pops of Color 

Dark flooring can make your color scheme pop, so don’t hesitate to choose a rug with color. A light rug with colorful details can be an eye-catching addition to any room. And which colors to choose? While it depends on the interior design of the entire room, warm colors like orange will pop against the hardwood flooring. However, colors like blue and green can make a room feel cozy. 

Choose Patterns & Texture 

Dark hardwood flooring brings contrast to a room, especially to those with white walls. Area rugs with patterns and texture can add even more depth. Geometric and classic patterns can add a splash of color and pull together the elements from a gallery wall. And texture like fringe and shag make a room look warm and interesting. If you’re looking for one area to get creative with, try expressing yourself through patterns and texture. 

Adjust The Rest of The Room

Flooring color and rug design are key elements of a room’s design. So, you might find yourself planning the rest of the room around the colors and patterns in the floor and rug. Consider which bookcases, coffee tables, and couches will compliment the dark wood flooring. You might add more contrast with light colors or match the dark floor more closely. You might need to choose frame colors and other decorative pieces around these focal points as well.  

The Best Area Rugs for Dark Wood Floors

Ready to get shopping? Here are our picks for the best area rugs for dark hardwood.

Parnell Handmade Cotton Beige Rug

What Are The Best Area Rugs for Dark Wood Floors? 1
Photo: Wayfair

This beige rug will give any room an earthy feel. The cozy neutral will pop against your dark hardwood floors and match most other colors. While you can keep this rug dust free by vacuuming, it’s also machine washable. 

nuLOOM Moroccan Blythe Area Rug

What Are The Best Area Rugs for Dark Wood Floors? 2
Photo: Amazon

Gray and off-white in color, this rug has a geometric pattern that won’t overpower the room. It’s available in a wide range of sizes, so you can incorporate it into any room in your home. 

Sorrels Oriental Yellow Area Rug

What Are The Best Area Rugs for Dark Wood Floors? 3
Photo: Wayfair

Add pops of warm colors to your room with this patterned area rug. The product features a faded design with shades of gray and yellow. It’s available in several sizes, as well as a navy and ivory pattern. 

Isidora Hilo Tufted Rug

What Are The Best Area Rugs for Dark Wood Floors? 4
Photo: Urban Outfitters

This beautiful area rug features a delicate pattern and raised texture, as well as fringe on two sizes. You can purchase this rug as small as two by three feet and up to eight by ten, so it can fit in the bathroom, dining room, kitchen, and all spaces in between. 

Artistic Wavers Bohemian Area Rug

What Are The Best Area Rugs for Dark Wood Floors? 5
Photo: Amazon

Want to add a little shag to your space? This beige and white area rug is soft and fluffy. The subtle geometric pattern will pop over dark hardwood flooring. You can purchase this rug in a wide range of sizes to best suit your design. 

Phaedra Medallion Power-Loomed Rug

What Are The Best Area Rugs for Dark Wood Floors? 6
Photo: Urban Outfitters

Rustic and warm, this patterned area rug can be a cozy addition to any space. The rich orange color will pair perfectly with your dark wood floors, as well as any throw pillows, blankets, and prints that you have in your space. 

Whether you love neutral colors or are splashing the rainbow all over your family room, your area rug can pull the whole look together. Dark hardwood flooring matches most decor styles, and choosing the right accessories will be the perfect finishing touch. 

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