6 Ways to Style a Beautiful Headboard

beautiful headboard

A beautiful headboard can be the centerpiece of your bedroom. Whether you have an elegant upholstered headboard or a rustic wooden piece, the right styling can truly make the design pop. Fortunately, there are few styling techniques that you can try based on your aesthetic. 

We’re breaking down some of the best ways to style a headboard as a bedroom statement piece.

Tips for Styling The Perfect Headboard  

Once you choose the best headboard design for your bedroom, your styling choices will make the whole look come together. Here are some simple ideas to take your new headboard from a bedroom basic to a sophisticated focal point. 

Layer on The Pillows

Patterns, colors, texture – throw pillows bring all of these essential elements to your bedroom setup. Layering throw pillows in front of a headboard creates depth and interest, especially if the headboard has some sort of pattern like this wooden one. The look would also work in front of a more traditional tufted headboard, but you might choose more traditional or luxe throw pillows as well. 

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Compliment With Art

Wall art makes an excellent pairing with any type of headboard. You might pull color inspiration from the upholstery or keep it simple to let the headboard shine. Just be sure to keep your bedding in mind when choosing art, since all of these elements should work together. 

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Embrace Color

When choosing a boldly-colored headboard, like this rich emerald piece, consider making styling choices to put that color at the center. This upholstered panel headboard headboard extends to the floor and matches the velvet bedframe, and all of the other elements are elegantly layered on top. The gold accessories, patterned pillows, and other green shades perfectly blend trendy, glam, and classic styles. 

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Make It a Shelf

Headboards can be both stylish and functional. If you’re a book lover or simply want to display your favorite knick knacks, a shelf headboard might be for you. As for styling, books, plants, and framed art are all great additions to the setup. However, try to avoid overcrowding the rest of your bed decor choices. 

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Paint It On

Don’t have a headboard? You can still style your space with a DIY option. If you plan to keep your bed in the same spot for a while, consider swapping the wood headboard or button tufting for a painted-on version. You can choose a shape and color to perfectly match the rest of your space.  

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Work With The Wall Color

If you opted for a neutral headboard, like this solid wood piece, you can style with the wall color as the focal point. Choose throw pillows and bedding that compliment the headboard features and wall color. In this example, the designer chose a teal quilt to match the wall color and added texture with stacked throw pillows. The result will be a harmonious pairing of furniture and accessories. 

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Whether you prefer simple lines or eclectic interior design, your headboard styling choices will help your taste shine. Your master bedroom and guest rooms can be welcoming, comfortable, and elegant with these headboard styling tips. 

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